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4 Natural Anti-Wrinkle Solutions | Natural Society


While it's a given that we will all age (as long as we are living), many people spend the second half of their lives working to erase the evidence of their years on earth. Wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin--they are all evidence of age and for many, they are an unwelcome reminder that our time here is limited. Fortunately, taking good care of your skin can help you retain a youthful...

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5 Natural Dietary Remedies for Dry Skin | Natural Society


It's winter, and things are dry - at least in some parts of America and the world. The air is dry and likely so is your skin. But slathering lotion on at every turn might not be the most effective solutions. Like other skin conditions including eczema and wrinkles, dry skin is often best treated from the inside out. That is to say, you can find numerous remedies for dry skin right in your...

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Health Benefits of Green Tea - Weight Loss, Anti-aging ...

Health Benefits of Green Tea - Weight Loss, Anti-aging, and More

by Kelsey Coy


Tea, a mainstay for thousands of years in countless cultures, has garnered attention in the west for its health promoting potential throughout the past several decades. To qualify as tea, a drink must be made from the leaves of this evergreen Camellia sinensis. Among true teas, there are green, black and oolong,...

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5 Anti-Aging Herbs to Slow the Aging Process | Natural Society

If you're looking for natural anti-aging, you won't want to miss these herbs that can slow the aging process. In pursuit of the fountain of youth, Kilham recommends the following for anti-aging and longevity:

5 Anti-Aging Herbs

1. Red Onion - Kilham suggests eating these over yellow onions because they have less sulphur. But both varieties have antioxidants like quercetin and kaempferol, which...

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