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Lamelle | Nourish

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Latest Revolution From Lamelle Research Laboratories Sets A New Standard In Anti-Ageing Skincare Technology

By harnessing the power of an exclusive DNA damage-correcting enzyme, that accelerates the REPAIR and PREVENTION of damage inflicted to the control center of the skin - the DNA, Lamelle Research Laboratories has set a new standard in the form of their latest feat NOURISH.  Never...

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Lamelle | Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid

What is Glycolic Acid and what does it do?

Alpha Glycolic acid peels are one of the mildest and most popular peel types, largely because glycol acid is a natural substance found in sugar cane and is part of the fruit acid family - also called Alpha-Hydroxy Acid, which is where the name "Alpha" comes from.

Indicated for:

Improving appearance of fine lines

Enhancing skincare product penetration

A slight tingling directly after application

Accelerated skin shedding

No visible peeling with the 20%...

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