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Is It Bad to Use Moisturizer with Sunscreen at Bedtime?

One habit that I have seen many people get into is using the same moisturizer both morning and night. They're trying to keep their life simple by just using one product, and I certainly can respect this. Most people who make a conscious effort to care for their skin (enough to use moisturizer both morning and night) usually know that a moisturizer with sunscreen should always be worn during the...

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Is Your Skin Both Dry AND Oily? The Problem is Your ...

What is dry skin? Skin that naturally produces little to no oil and causes the skin to be dry and flaky. (The dryness occurs even when gentle products are used on the skin.)

What is oily skin? Skin that produces oil and generally will have large pores and the skin is shiny or greasy.  Dry skin means NO oil is produced, therefore skin with a sheen cannot be dry.

What is dehydrated skin? Oily,...

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Best way to sleep on your pillow to prevent wrinkles

What's The Best Way to Sleep On Your Pillow to Prevent Wrinkles?

December 16, 2014

This may come as a surprise, but did you know the second cause of wrinkles is sleeping? After sunlight/UV exposure, squishing your face into a pillow for approximately 2,500 hours per year while you sleep is like ironing wrinkles into the skin. So if you're someone who wants to prevent premature wrinkles on your...

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11 Common Causes For Acne And Blemishes From Skin Care ...

Updated 9/7/14. As a skin care expert and celebrity esthetician for 25+ years, I've been asked every skin care question but one I hear most often is,  "My teenage years are long gone. Why do I still get blemishes and acne cysts?" Due to hormonal fluctuation carried over from your teenage years, it's not uncommon to get acne breakouts well into your 20's. But as you move from your late 20's to...

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How To Heal A Curling Iron Burn And Scar On The Skin

How to heal a curling iron burn: The less you do it to the better, but keeping it moist and protected with an antibacterial ointment such as Neosporin followed by a band-aid or sterile, lint-free gauze can aid in the healing process. Many people will ask about applying tea tree oil, aloe vera gel or lavender oil, but some of these may actually be an irritant to oozing and inflamed skin. My...

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